Are you a Pastor or leader in your church? 

I want to partner with you in amplifying your voice in the lives of men in 2019.

As I’ve prayed about the coming year, here’s what I see coming.

2019 is going to be a crossroads year in our churches. Here’s why.

The voice of this culture has never been louder in their lives of our Christian men. And they are dropping like flies.

Porn has our men in the crosshairs. 
They are sacrificing servanthood for the idolatry of the dollar.
They are checking out on their marriages. 
And they are leaving our churches in mass.

Five out of six men call themselves Christians.
Yet only two out of six attend church. 
The average US congregation is now 61% female and 39% male.
70% of our teenage boys are now completely abandoning church in their twenties.

Does any of this alarm you? What has happened in our churches that is causing men to take a pass?

Christianity is the only major religion that is short on men.

This my dear friends, is not only unbelievable, it is unacceptable. 

It is time to plant a flag in the ground and amplify our voice the lives of our men. Before we lose them all.

How do we do it? We introduce them to the real Jesus!

Jesus led the most radical men’s retreat in the history of the world. 

He took 12 guys on a twenty-six mile hike from Galilee to Caesarea Philippi. When they arrived, he called them together and made the most life-altering proclamation they would ever hear.

“I am going to build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

After that trip.
After that moment.
These men were never the same. They were on mission. 

There are three transformational Jesus encounters that every Christian man must experience in 2019.

  • An encounter that moves their church experience from divine duty to deep-seated mission.

  • An encounter that replaces their pursuit of happiness through money with significance through sacrifice. 

  • An encounter that turns their shame and secrets into their conquering and calling. 

Let’s start planning now. Praying now. 

Let's do the most radical men's retreat ever.
Or a Saturday morning event that will change their life forever.
How about a Sunday service where we pray for every man!

I can tell you this. Whatever we do, we will call each guy into a new manhood. We will prophesy over their families and future. We will introduce them to the real Jesus, and get them on mission. 

And your church will never be the same. 
Because your men will never be the same. 
They will become better leaders. 
They will be more generous givers. 
They will be stronger husbands and fathers.

Let’s do this.

Email me today at or simply compete the speaking request form below.

I will help you plan. Help you promote. And together, we will amplify your voice in the lives of men in 2019! 

Fired up and ready to go!



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