I know of very few people who have been broken by pornography and sexual addiction that have gone to the height and depth of spiritual diligence, doing far more than any of his confidants asked of him, to distance himself from past struggles. For the past seven years, Blaine has persisted in reading, studying, and devouring the scripture to rebuild his foundation of character, and prepare himself for all that he is offering in “Chopping Wood.”

Blaine serves as an bright light for all who have struggled or fallen and need someone to guide their comeback to life!
— Ron Luce | Author and Speaker
Blaine’s restoration is by far the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen in my 18 years of ministry. I have never witnessed more life change in a single person than what I’ve seen in him. He life is truly a modern day resurrection! It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of his restorative process and I am thrilled that he serves alongside me today as a Pastor at Nexus Church.
— Jon Purkey | Lead Pastor, Nexus Church
I have had the privilege of working along side Blaine Bartel for several years after he stepped down from ministry in order to face the hard work of restoration following his season of moral failure. I have tasted enough failure in my own life to know it is easier to quit than to address what needs to be addressed—especially when the public shame is thick. 

I am proud to call Blaine my friend and colleague in ministry, and I am aware of the soul-work he continues to do in his life in order to live well. As God so often with his imperfect saints, God is using Blaine’s life and experience to speak into the lives of men who have failed and into the lives of those who easily could. Whether one experiences failure or success, both requires the presence of grace, which Blaine carries as he speaks and cares for those fortunate enough to meet him and sit under his ministry.
— Ed Gungor | Author, Speaker and Bishop
When I think of ultimate comebacks, I think of Moses, King David, Peter…and Blaine Bartel. I have witnessed Blaine’s miraculous resurrection story firsthand—the direct result of God’s supernatural deliverance and submitting himself to a lengthy season of restoration—a season that has morphed into a lifestyle of complete transparency, genuine accountability, and authentic leadership. I don’t know anyone more qualified to help men break free from the bondage of pornography and the shame associated with it.
— Chuck Tate | Pastor and Author of “41 Will Come."
I have helped counsel and guide Blaine Bartel for the last several years and have watched him come out of one of the most deadly addictions through raw honesty and Godly perseverance. He has a radical trust and dependence on Christ. Not only have he and Lori found a healthy whole new life but now they are leading others into the same kind of freedom. I whole heartedly encourage all who are in need of freedom in their life to hear his story and follow his example.
— Brent Sharpe MS LMFT LPC | Pastor, Sanctuary Church, Tulsa, Ok