Thank you for considering PARTNERING WITH Lori and I. It means a lot.

I believe our calling is found in our conquering.

Nine years ago, I was a broken Pastor, hiding in my shame and suicidal depression. I had hidden sin I couldn’t overcome. And I felt like I could not trust one soul with my terrible secrets.

Gratefully today, the Lord Jesus has completely set me free. I live in a joy and zest for life that I never dreamed was possible. But finally getting to this place nearly killed me. There is a better way.

Our primary passion today is this: Being a trusted friend to Pastors and their spouses and equipping them to live healthy lives.

According to the Schaeffer Institute, 70% of pastors constantly fight depression. 

  • 80% say pastoral ministry had negatively impacted their families.

  • 70% say they do not have a close friend.

  • 1,500 Pastors leave the ministry every month, never to return.

Here is what we are doing.

We’ve launched “double honor” to help turn the tide in the lives of our shepherds.

We are providing four major services and resources for Pastors across North America.

  1. Pastor’s Retreats

  2. Pastor’s Coalition

  3. Crisis Intervention

  4. Personal Coaching

You can learn more below about how these work, but here’s what we want YOU to know.

We provide all of these resources completely pro bono to every Pastor.

We simply don’t want money to get in the way of any Pastor getting the help they need.

So there are two ways you can partner with us in this life-saving outreach to Pastors.

  1. Become a monthly partner of any amount. (this helps us with Interventions, Coaching and the Alliance work)

  2. Sponsor a Pastor and their spouse for a retreat.

Because we do not have a monthly salary or the support of a larger church or organization, we are only able to do what we do — through friends like you.

Thank you for making this possible!

Blaine and Lori




here are the four major components of our double honor initiative.

pastors outreach .png


In 2018, we hosted our first retreat for Pastors and their spouses at Dry Gulch USA, just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. We welcomed twenty couples to three days of rest, rejuvenation and coaching on how to sustain healthy lives and marriages in ministry. It was amazing! Most said it was the best ministry experience they’ve ever had.

In October 2019, we are hosting 30 pastoral couples. All completely free. This is possible because of our friends who sponsor a couple. Would you consider being one of those sponsors? For just $300, you can cover the entire cost for both the Pastor and their spouse. As a sponsor, we will give you a full report on the entire weekend of ministry. CLICK HERE to help us!


Hardly a week goes by that I don’t receive a call from a church or a Pastor in crisis. Emergencies include pornography addiction, affairs, alcohol and drug addiction and mental health issues. At least half of my help involves traveling to the church and personally walking through disclosure, prayer, healing and next steps for all concerned. The mission is always restoration and loving care of those who are in a broken state.

3. coaching pastors out of porn

Copy of pastors out of porn.png web.png

63% of pastors recently surveyed confirm that they are struggling with sexual addiction or sexual compulsion including, but not limited to, the use of pornography. We are in epidemic mode my dear friends. Each week, I am engaged in both personal coaching with Pastors and ministry leaders who want to be free from pornography once and for all. The industry success rate for porn addiction recovery is just 20%. Because my model is built on resurrection principles and tools, we are seeing close to 100% of Pastors completely set free!

4. pastor’s coalition


Each month, we host our “Prattle and Hum Pastor’s Gabfest”, an online video event that welcomes pastoral leadership into conversation about healthy living and longevity in ministry. Pastors find friendship and support from other spiritual leaders around the nation, realizing they are not alone in the battle. Together, we share encouragement, tools and resources to live better lives and enjoy robust marriages. The Coalition also interacts through our private Facebook page. If you are a Pastor and would like to be a part of this effort, shoot Blaine an email at bbartel99@gmail.com.




We believe real and lasting relationships are never one-sided. 

We want to pour back into your life. As you partner with us, please let Lori and I know if we can do any of the following: 

  • Pray for you about something specific?

  • Connect through a phone call on questions or counsel you may need?

  • Answer a question you have about what we do?

And… for those of you that are able to support us monthly, I am going to send you a copy (with a personal note) of my brand new book, “Death by a Thousand Lies" - my cover-up, my crash and my resurrection from sexual addiction.


We just want you know we are here for you. And we care.

Thank from the bottom our hearts!

Blaine and Lori


become a monthly partner

Your monthly gift of any amount enables us to provide free coaching, interventions and resources for Pastors.



one time contribution

Your one time contribution will help us rescue Pastors, men and families who desperately need care.


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If you would prefer to give by check, please make checks out to Resurrection Tulsa and mail to:

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Thank you!