Thank you for considering supporting Lori and I. It means a lot.

Ministry is so different for me today. 

My past experience in church ministry was 6 figure salaries, selling a ton of products and collecting generous honorariums. This is not to disparage those who make their living this way.

It’s like this. Our ministry today is much more one-on-one that it is filling auditoriums. I’m on Skype calls, meeting men for coaching and hosting men’s addiction recovery groups. 

Add to that writing and sending out several coaching emails each week, working on the pre-production of our new documentary and developing a recovery center for men and couples.

Much of what I do is pro-bono, because honestly… many men that find themselves in an addiction crisis are often in financial crisis as well. And the truth is, Lori and I love what we do. We would do it all for free if we could. 

But we have bills to pay. Groceries to buy. You get it. 

Because we do not have a monthly salary or the support of a larger church or organization, we have to raise our monthly support. It all happens because of friends like you. 

Read on. See what were up to. If your heart is moved to help us…

Thank you!





We want you to know where your financial support is going. So here is a breakdown of how each dollar is spent. 

  • Pro bono coaching .20c

  • Men’s recovery groups .17c

  • Weekly coaching email .10c

  • Spouse grief counseling .08c

  • Pro bono speaking .10c

  • Everfree Recovery Center .10c

  • Pastoral crisis intervention .10c

  • Documentary pre-production .10c

  • Leadership development .05c





For years, Lori and I have dreamed about opening up a residential recovery center for sexual addiction. 

This will be an inpatient program where men and couples can come for an extended time to be immersed in a refuge of hope, help and resurrection. Lord willing, this dream will be released in the latter part of 2018! 

The Lord has beautifully orchestrated everything. We have an amazing facility that has recently opened up to us. We also have an outstanding team of counseling professionals that are joining forces with us. And… we have one of the most respected residential addiction consultants in the nation helping us design our model and programming. 

Your support helps us in the fulfillment of this extraordinary undertaking.





Most of you know I have a fairly extensive background in television and filming.

For the past three years, I have been writing and developing a high-quality documentary that we believe will impact an entire nation of men who are being overcome with sexual vice and addiction. 

We are hoping to begin shooting in 2018 and will be working on distribution with Netflix and Amazon. The working title is “Killing Curtis McKenzie.” Curtis McKenzie was the secret identity I assumed in the sexual underworld I lived in for more that 20 years.

There are many pre-production costs with this project and your support helps us get things off the ground. 





Is it best to support us monthly or with a one-time gift? 

Either really. 

Monthly support allows us to set a budget of the resources we have to work with in each calendar year. We can make projections and know that our base needs are covered. That is huge. 

But your one-time gift means a lot as well. We can apply your gift to specific needs in that season of time. 

Either way, we are so grateful that you believe in us.





We believe real and lasting relationships are never one-sided. 

We want to pour back into your life. As you partner with us, please let Lori and I know if we can do any of the following: 

  • Pray for you about something specific?

  • Connect through a phone call on questions or counsel you may need?

  • Answer a question you have about what we do?

And… for those of you that are able to support us monthly, I am going to send you a copy (with a personal note) of my brand new book, “Death by a Thousand Lies" - my cover-up, my crash and my resurrection from sexual addiction.

We just want you know we are here for you. And we care.


become a monthly partner

Your monthly gift of any amount enables us to have a dependable amount each month we can allocate to our efforts.



SHARE A one time gift

Your one time gift of any amount enables us to apply extra funds to our greatest need right now. 




If you would prefer to give by check, please make checks out to Blaine and Lori Bartel and mail to:

1100 West Tucson Street, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74011


Thank you!