Dear Friends,

Just how high is the cost of lust and an unbridled sexual appetite?

I learned a little omen: “Lust will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more than you want to pay.” 

I cannot even begin to tell you how true this statement is. Porn and sexual addiction eventually cost me more than I could have even imagined. Here’s a quick accounting of my costs:

I lost my marriage.
I lost the respect of my children. 
I lost my job and career.
I lost the good reputation I had worked 30 years to build.

How about my financial costs? 

One of my counselors asked me to go back over my 25 years of addiction and do a financial accounting of all the lost hours, lost wages, money spent on my addiction, rehabilitation and counseling. 

The final amount I had spent on my addiction was staggering. $899,421.00

My first month in a recovery facility alone cost me over $40,000.
Professional counselors range from $150-$300 hour. 

Here’s my point. You can’t afford NOT to get help NOW if you are struggling with porn and sex issues in your life. My biggest regret is not the first time I hit the porn button on my hotel room television 30 years ago. We all sin. We all succumb to temptation. 

My biggest regret was not reaching out for help after I hit the button.

And you know what the biggest lie was that I believed? That I could beat this temptation by myself. It’s impossible to win the battle alone. I’m going to repeat…

It is impossible to win this battle alone.

And that’s precisely why I am offering this coaching service for men across the nation. I would have paid any amount of money when I was in the thick of my battle, to be able to share my struggles in a safe and confidential setting and get the help I so desperately needed. It would have saved my life. 

That’s why I’m here for you today. I have made this coaching service as affordable as possible. All of your coaching options are below. Take a read and send me your request for all the information you need. 

I can’t wait to speak into your life!

Chopping wood together,


Blaine Bartel
America’s Comeback Coach


Introduction to Coaching

Seven years ago, Blaine was diagnosed as a full-blown narcissistic sex addict. One of the most respected sexual addiction therapists in the nation told Blaine he was “the poster child for sexual addiction in America” and doubted he would ever recover. Blaine would spend over 500 hours in counseling and attend multiple therapy groups each week in an attempt to break the chains that had held him captive for more than 25 years. 

But the tipping point for his freedom was not found on a counselor’s couch or in a twelve step program. Blaine found freedom in something he now refers to as “practicing resurrection.” You see, he truly believes it is not about recovery. It is all about resurrection. After all, who wants to recover what we had? “What we had” is what got us messed up in the first place. 

Blaine has been actively coaching men behind the scenes for the past four years. 

His coaching is based on the seven practices he developed for generating the resurrected life. These are not his “theories” for freedom from porn and addiction, but rather proven principles and life initiatives that transformed his soul and are now changing the lives of countless others. Blaine trains his clients in his coaching encounters through forensics, assessment, grace, training, imagination, laughter, equipping and closure. 

Walking through your challenges or addictions with a wise, caring coach is the best possible way to overcome your failures, find new direction, and transform your life in a meaningful way.  Over and over again, Blaine has seen his coaching conversations become the difference between death and resurrection.  While his coaching isn’t magic, if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and start “chopping wood,” you will begin seeing freedom God intends for you.  

And that’s the joy of Blaine’s work:  To watch good people with bad struggles…  heal, grow and learn to how to really live.


Resurrect 777 Coaching Day

Blaine offers a personal one-on-one coaching day for any man that is in need of a “crash course” on the seven secrets of resurrection. While coming out of the graveyard of porn, shame and sexual obsession or addiction is not a one day event, Blaine will give you the wisdom and the tools to get you on the road to freedom. This program includes pre-day and post-day telephone sessions, as well as several take home publications, tools and resources. 


Blaine, I just had to let you know how absolutely incredible my coaching day with you was. I’ve just had the best two weeks of my life in years! You answered questions for me that I have been asking others for a decade. Thank you so much for being used by the Lord to resurrect a life I didn’t believe was possible!
— Recent testimony from one of Blaine’s clients


There are three ways you can participate in this extraordinary day:


1. Blaine comes to your city.
Donation: $1500

(plus travel and hotel costs.
US and Canada) This includes one month of group work in the month following.

2. You come to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Donation: $1000.

This includes one month of group work in the month following. (Does not include travel + accomodations)

3. FaceTime or Skype with Blaine.
Donation: $800 (or $200 weekly)

Four 90 minute online sessions covering all areas of the RESURRECT 777 course, plus one month of group work following.



Blaine’s coaching is not a traditional 12 step program. 

This is important for you to know. These are the ideas that Blaine pushes back on that are present in most programs:

  1. Participants in most 12 step programs are encouraged to identify with their addiction rather than their freedom, e.g., “My name is Jack and I am a sex addict.”
  2. They are encouraged to put their trust in a program and not a person. Many, if not most “12 steppers” extol the virtues of the steps and not the Savior.
  3. The success rate for 12 step programs is 30% for participants that actually remain in the program for one year. (this does not include those who drop out)


Here’s a question we must ask ourselves… 

Would we buy a new car, a new microwave or a new washer and dryer that worked 30% of the time?

Then why would we spend thousands of $$$ to learn how to start a new life if there was only a 3 in 10 chance of it actually working?  


Three years after Blaine was diagnosed as “the poster child for sexual addiction” in America, the Lord would lead him on a spirit, soul and body recovery journey that has become the RESURRECT 777 task model. It is because of these 7 beliefs, 7 tools and 7 practices that Blaine has been completely free of pornography and sexual addiction for more than five years. 

You can be free too! Simply complete the coaching request form below and let’s get started. 




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