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Seven years ago, Blaine started chopping wood. 


Seven years ago, Blaine started chopping wood. After being diagnosed as “America’s poster child for sex addiction,” he began his arduous journey towards recovery. Only to find out that recovery was never really the goal. Blaine finally gave up on the whole “recovery-think” world and upgraded to resurrection. As he looked back on his life history, he didn’t see a damn thing he wanted to recover. It was resurrection or die. 

Blaine unashamedly believes the Jesus factor is the secret to his remarkable comeback. Now if your not the religious type, don’t let that freak you out. Because this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with resurrection. 

Blaine challenges nearly all of the traditional ideas of addiction recovery. He believes most addiction programming is teaching a white knuckling approach to some kind of “life resuscitation.” Well, resuscitation was never Blaine’s goal. He wanted a life that woke you up at 5am. And kept you up till midnight. Blaine fought for a new life reality and finally uncovered seven transformational practices that changed him forever. Each practice is rooted deeply in the rediscovery of God, grace and grindstone that can result in a radical resurrection of the real you. 

But make no mistake. Resurrection isn’t as easy as the wave of a wand. There is some wood to be chopped. Because getting out of your living grave is only the beginning. Dead man walking isn’t enough. There are grave clothes to be removed. Your eyes must adjust to the new light of day. And you must stop thinking like a dead man and begin reimagining the extraordinary person you have been raised up to be. That includes your career, relationships and calling. 

Chopping Wood is not about trying to say no to porn or uncontrolled sexual appetite. It is all about saying yes to awesome. There it is. The most overused, under-appreciated word in our culture today. 


How about we remind ourselves what we are really talking about when we use that word.

Awesome is anything that fills the soul with a inescapable sense of awe. That’s what resurrection promises. And that’s precisely what Blaine believes every man should radiate. A sense of awe.

Blaine’s coaching, resources, speaking… are all strategically designed for this one and only purpose: to lift up the curtain covering your mind and reveal a life so spectacular that your old way of thinking melts in the absolute brilliance of God.

Are you ready for that? Then get in.