Some of you will remember last month, I opened up the month of March to provide coaching to men who could not afford my normal client fees. 


Here’s what happened.
Something blew up.


First, my month of March is packed. One man after another responded, who needed intervention but could not afford the cost. I love it! 


Secondly, Partners showed up. We’ve had both individuals and churches jump on board in monthly support of our ministry, which enables us to create a scholarship fund for men like this. Thank you! 


We haven't reached our monthly partnership goal yet, be we are inching closer all the time. 

There's more.


Our new book has been retitled, Death by a Thousand Lies: My cover up, my crash and my resurrection from sexual addiction. We had to redo the cover and some of the guts in the manuscript, but it was worth the time and effort. 


book photo.png


I have to be completely honest with you about this book. I have been this close (holding my fingers a millimeter apart) to sending the book off to print. Before pulling the trigger, I would re-read the manuscript one more time. And I would see something that I wanted to change and tell in a better way. 


This isn’t a teaching book. It’s not 5 Steps to… well… anything. It’s my life story. It’s deeply honest and very personal. And it’s been so hard to let it go… to finally say yes… I am ready for the entire world to know my story. I’ve told parts of my story in social media and at men’s events, but never ALL of it. It is a bit scary. 


But we are finally there. And you will be the first to know when it comes off the presses. Whew! 


Could a Netflix documentary be coming??


Yes, I believe this is going to happen. We have been working on a script angle for my story to be told on film. We’ve been through a hundred different versions. Here’s where we landed.


This is not going to be my story. It is going to be the stories of those who were impacted the most by my failure. Told from their perspective. I truly believe it will be the most powerful film on the subject of sexual addiction ever made. God’s grace has been so present every step of the process. 


It will cost around $100,000 to shoot, edit and market. Which is cheap, if you know the film world. Now we must raise the money. And I know God has people out there who believe in us… and more importantly, believe in the message we are bringing to the world. Pray for those friends and financiers to emerge. 


Is television in our future??


Most of you know, I hosted a national television program 20 years ago (maybe more - afraid to count) called Fire by Nite. Since then, I have had a thousand people ask me when we were going to do another show. To which I responded, “How does never sound?” 


TV is time-consuming, expensive and honestly… the desire to ever do it again was out of my system. 


And then this happened. A gentleman I have never met approached me the other day. He told me he has been thinking about me… praying for me… and believed God wanted to produce something in the television world that would impact young people again. To which I replied, “Well that sounds really good -- I wish you all the luck in the world."


His reply? “I want to help you do it Blaine. My reply? "It costs money and that's something I don't have right now." To which he retorted, "Don’t worry about that. I have some resources. Let’s start praying about a concept and what God is saying to the next generation.” 


So we are praying. And I'm consulting some trusted friends in ministry. Will it happen? Here’s my answer, “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done.” Period. Join me in this prayer. 


So check this out.


I coach a lot of Pastors and people in ministry. Porn and sexual addiction is rampant in ministry. And guys are getting set free! 


So Lori and I were talking last week and she said, “Blaine, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could bring in a handful of Pastors and just bless them and speak into their lives?” I just looked at her and said, “That is my dream honey! One day…” 


Well one day is here. This is unbelievable. The Lord providentially connected me with a Pastor and his family at Starbucks awhile back. He began to ask about my work with Pastors and I shared my story and the work we are doing to bring health back into those who are in the ministry trenches. 


Long story short: Together, we are covering the entire cost to do a retreat for about 20 Pastors and their spouses. Thank you Jesus! I will have all the details nailed down in the next 10 days, but if you are a Lead Pastor and would be interested in coming, shoot me an email today at Your only cost is transportation to get to our retreat center, near Tulsa. (location will be announced soon)

So........ needless to say, life has been busy and God has been good. I just wanted you to be in the loop. 


Thank you for your prayers. 
Thank you for your financial support.
Thank you for every word of encouragement. 


We love you,

Blaine (and Lori)




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