Ever got Caught?


Have you ever got caught? 

Hands in the cookie jar?
Exceeding the speed limit?
In bed with someone else's spouse?

There was a certain woman in scripture that would answer "yes" on the last question. 

There is much to be learned about sin, forgiveness and freedom in the story of the woman caught in adultery. (John 8) In studying this passage and researching commentaries, I discovered several conservative scholars and pastors that have actually tried to make a case over the centuries to have this story removed from the canon of scripture. 

Their reason? Jesus simply went to far. He was way too gracious and forgiving. 

Some people… especially the really naughty people… deserve a severity of punishment for their sins. The law demanded it. Yet this scandalous account of sin and forgiveness remains in the sacred text. The religious crowd was ready to commence a public execution of this woman. As they called for her death, Jesus quietly bent over and began to run His finger through the dust. 

And whatever He wrote that day changed everything. 

Her accusers dropped their stones. They walked away.

What did Jesus draw in the dust? What is He drawing in our dust?

I have my opinions on exactly what He wrote but I will tell you this: there was deliverance in that dirt. The beauty of a new beginning. 

The story ends with five formidable words from our Savior, “Go and sin no more.” 

Was that even possible? If so, how would she overcome what had perhaps been a lifetime of shameful behavior? And more importantly for you and I today… how do we win the day over our sin and the shame that at times seems to follow us like a shadow… a stalker in the night?

The answer is so simple that we miss it. 

Let Jesus into your story. Let Him speak. The words "Go and sin no more" were more than a command. They were a spirit-empowered new way of living that He spoke into the very depths of her soul. I believe that one encounter with Jesus changed everything for that woman. 

So how do we let Jesus into our story? 

Christ comes in through the community of church. 

Christ comes in through a morning prayer.

Christ comes in through coffee with a brother or sister.

Christ comes in through the coaching of a mentor.

Christ comes in thorough the whisper of the Spirit at the gym.

We must make space in our lives for Christ to come in. My prayer is that Jesus would find you in the margins of your life and help you to re-imagine a world grander and wider than the one you're living.

Ok... before closing, I have to say how beyond excited about Easter Week 2107. During the Passion Week, I am going share my personal journal with you. I will invite you to witness the wildest, most frightening week of my life, which was the week leading up to Easter 2010. 

Why? Because I believe you are going to be encounter the King of the Comeback. 

Now seven years removed from that fateful Sunday, this Easter will be "Lazarus Party" for Lori and I. That is the day we will introduce my brand new book, "The Seven Dirty Little Secrets of Resurrection," subtitled "My crash, my confession and my comeback from sexual addiction." 

So here's what is going to happen Easter week:

1) I am going to share a series of seven emails that candidly rehearse the events of each day that brought me to the grave.

2) I plan to embed in the heart of every participant the seven secrets the Lord gave me for real, experiential resurrection. 

3) On Good Friday, I will share a LIVE VIDEO, where we will conduct a burial of the mortal enemies of sin, brokenness and failure in our lives. 

4) At sunrise Easter morning, our journey together will culminate with a LIVE VIDEO of "COME FORTH" prayer for the resurrection seeds Jesus has planted in your life.

5) You will also receive the first chapter of my brand new book, "The Seven Dirty Little Secrets of Resurrection."

If you would like to be a part of this journey together, just click here and sign up today.


Let's believe God for miracles that week!

Blaine Bartel
Comeback Coach. Resurrectionist. Jesus flag-waver. 


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