Are you Climbing a Mountain with Moses or Jesus?


I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Growing up skiing I stood at the top of the highest mountains in our country. The views were amazing. I could see forever. See everything. It is the closest thing to seeing through the eyes of God. 

And yet, in the most spiritual sense, who you climb the mountain with matters. 

Moses climbed a mountain to receive the ten commandments. He climbed alone. He came down with rules. And the people failed at checking all the boxes. We all failed. That was the purpose of the law. It was a school teacher. Paul told the Galatians “…the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” (Gal. 3:24) 

Jesus on the other hand, invited his disciples to climb a mountain with him. They climbed together. And they didn’t come down with rules. They descended with a revelation.

The mount of transfiguration is the ultimate revelation of who God is... at least for me. When Jesus goes to the top of a mountain with Peter, James and John, something amazing happens. Transfigured before them is Moses (the Law), Elijah (the Prophets) and of course the Son, Jesus. 

Suddenly, Moses and Elijah disappear and only Jesus is left. 

Then the Father speaks from the heavens.

"This is my beloved Son, listen to Him” 

Do we see it? 

Jesus completely eclipsed the law and the prophets. 

Jesus is the exact representation of God. He alone is who we listen to. Everything that came before Him, fell short of showing us what God was really like. The law fell short. The prophets fell short. Their only job was to show us our need for the Son. 

We don't find our freedom or faith in the Old Testament. God isn't speaking to us anymore through the law and the prophets. They had their purpose in pointing us to the Son, but they should disappear from our gaze to know God. Jesus is enough. Jesus is all. Listen to Him. 

I believe in the mystery and wonder of God made flesh in Jesus Christ.

He is what God looks like. He is what God acts like. He is what God has to say.

Truly God, He became truly man, two natures in one person. He was born of the Virgin Mary and lived among us. Crucified, dead, and buried, He rose on the third day, ascended to heaven, and will come again in glory and judgment.

For us, he kept the law we couldn’t keep. He gave us grace we didn’t deserve. He took our filthy rags and gave us his righteous robe.

We will never overcome our leanings toward lust by setting out each day to keep the rules. If we are to win the battle, we must take a new approach:

Go up the mountain with friends. Jesus never invites you to travel alone. 
Live by revelation, not rules. See Jesus. Listen to Jesus. Love Jesus. 
Stop the shame. It will suck the life of God right out of you.
Embrace his grace. God loves you. Period. Not if… 

This one revelation changed everything in my coming out of pornography and sexual addiction. My belief about God and understanding about who he truly is was critical in how I approached him for strength in my resistance to sin. Where once I feared God was angry and punitive, now I knew him to be loving and redemptive. This caused me to run to him, not away from him. And the more I ran to Jesus, the more I became like him.

You’ve already broken all the rules. Get over it. It’s time for a revelation of the Savior.