I Didn't See This Coming.

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No matter how much you think you know the person you’re engaged to, there will be things you didn’t see coming. 


Because everything changes when you wake up to each other...




So here is what surprised me about Lori. And what surprised her about me. 


I knew Lori paid attention to detail, but I had no idea her eagle eye could spot a particle of dust on top of a lamp 20 feet away.  


And it was at that very moment I thought… “I’m in deep trouble.” 


Not because I’m a messy guy. (although I have less than tidy compartments of my life) 


I am the guy that rolls with the punches and can actually thrive in the midst of chaos and imperfection. In other words, I am currently at work in perfect peace knowing our rent is due today. No big deal. We have until the 3rd to get it in.

Not Lori. Rent due -- is like a blinking red light with sirens in her head until it is taken care of. NOW. 


So I was surprised at how important it was to Lori for me to have my act together in the minutia of life. And Lori was surprised at how important it was to yours truly to live with a certain amount of trust and abandon that everything is going to work out. 


So we’ve figured it out. Instead of letting our differences generate criticism and resentment, we have learned to love the tender and ticklish balance of obsession and effortlessness. 


So we pay every single one of our bills on time. 
And we leave the kitchen a mess Friday night and sleep in on Saturday.
We laugh. We love. And respect (even admire) each other’s weird ways. 

After all, our differences are what make life interesting.

Final Thought.


Here’s something else I didn’t see coming. 2018.

Well, I saw the year coming. Just not all that the Lord is about to unfold in the coming year. 


2017 has been a extra-hard and extra-ordinary year for Lori and I. 



Transition from Kansas City to back to Tulsa. 

Moving from guaranteed salary to trusting God in a newly forming ministry.

Figuring out all the right steps in our new ministry adventure.




Coaching dozens of men out of porn and sexual addiction. 

Speaking to thousands of men and women about freedom in Christ. 

Raising the funds for my new book, due for release in January. 


So we have 3 pretty exciting announcements for 2018. 


1. Book Release Speaking Tour 


Lori and I are opening up 24 weekends in 2018 to speak at Men’s Events, Marriage Events and Sunday services as we release my brand new book. Several of these weekends are already booked, but go here if you or your church/organization are interested in hosting an event or service.


2. Nationwide Online Men’s Recovery Groups


Starting in January, I will begin hosting men’s recovery groups with brand new online technology that allow 8-10 guys to be in a room together from all parts of the country and do the work of resurrection. If you are interested in getting the info on this, just hit reply on this email and let me know. 


3. Residential Recovery Center


For years, we have dreamed about opening up a residential recovery center where men and couples could come for an extended time to be immersed in a refuge of hope, help and resurrection. That dream will be released in the latter part of 2018! 


The Lord has beautifully orchestrated everything. We have an amazing facility that has recently opened up to us. We also have an outstanding team of counseling professionals that are joining forces with us. And… we have one of the most respected residential addiction consultants in the nation helping us design our model and programming. 


It goes without saying… WE. ARE. PUMPED. 


As we move forward, we will keep you abreast of all the details. 


Can I ask you one thing? 


Would you consider supporting us with a special year-end financial gift? 


Though I rarely ask for money, I need to right now. Two reasons. 


First, December is a tough month for a ministry sustained primarily by speaking events. Because there aren’t any. Churches and organizations are busy or in downtime. So we have zero income in December. 


Second, the plans we have for 2018 will take a fresh infusion of resources to make everything happen. We need some seed-money to begin moving these initiatives forward — especially the Residential Recovery Center. 


If you can help us — and I mean any amount — $25, $50, $100 or whatever is in your heart to do — we would be so grateful. 


Here’s a link where you can securely give online. SUPPORT US HERE. 


Or you are welcome to mail a check to: 

Blaine and Lori Bartel

1100 West Tucson St. 


Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74011 


Thank each and every one of for your love, support and prayers this past year. 


Grace everyday,



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